Jaw Yoga 10-weeks Intensive Online Course

A 10-week intensive course in holistic jaw health. You'll get Julia and Felix as your personal guides through live calls, 1:1 coaching, written jaw knowledge and in-depth understanding in over 100 pages, e-learning and hands-on exercises from 15 years of jaw therapy. After these 10 weeks, you'll be an expert on your own jaw, work on the root causes, save expensive, recurring therapies because you have all the tools available to keep your jaw healthy for the rest of your life. You even will be able to support others on their journey to great jaw health.

BOOK: "Jaw-Yoga" by Julia Reindl - soon in ENGLISH!

Jaw Yoga is an exciting scientifically based trend that not only exercises and relaxes your jaw (which can be very tense for many of us due to stresses of everyday life), but it also teaches you the correct tongue resting position.  Having an incorrect tongue resting position can be the cause of many problems such as teeth grinding, clenching, snoring, tensions and so on… This holistic approach, which works on the bodily and mental level, treats the root causes of jaw stress rather than only symptoms.


It doesn't matter whether you want to dive deep into your own jaw health or want to support other people in achieving a healthy jaw system. This 10-weeks Online Course is the missing piece on your jaw journey! Together we will make it!


  • Holistic method
  • Clearly structured training program for individual sessions or groups
  • Sustainable results through root cause elimination instead of superficial symptom control
  • Over 15 years of experience with over 10,000 treatments
  • Practice-evident method 95% success rate for jaw muscle tension

Julia Reindl is the founder of Jaw Yoga. She holds a Master's degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric and has been a lecturer at the university for over 10 years. She lectures for dentists and orthodontists and has been working for over 15 years in the therapy of teeth grinding, TMD, snoring and other jaw-stress related problems.

Watch the recording of the Info-Session:

"I participated in the Jaw Yoga Instructor Online Course in 2022. Having been affected by tension due to asymmetry in the jaw area for some time now, the training courses were a real enrichment for me and, thanks to the holistic and sustainable approach, a therapy method that I can apply very well with my clients!"


Rebecca Meyer, Speech Therapist & Jaw Yoga Instructor (Austria)


  • No more bruxism! – Tackle teeth grinding/clenching effectively.
  • Release jaw tensions
  • Tackle difficulties opening your mouth/ jaw lock
  • Reduce frequent headaches/earaches
  • Resolve ‘Cracking’ in the jaw



  • Balances the 5th chakra (throat chakra) which promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression and communication
  • Brings more flexibility into your pelvis (a tensed jaw blocks the fasciae that extend into the pelvis)
  • Relaxes your body and mind by activating the anterior branche of the vagus nerve.
  • Makes you look younger and healthier – makes you more
  • attractive!
  • Makes you have more mental clarity
  • Helps you develop a stronger voice and more clarity of speech 
  • The correct tongue position closes the energy cycle and thus provides you with more focus and concentration.
  • Jaw Yoga will free your inner smile! 



  • A holistic concept for sustainable jaw relaxation and prevention of jaw stress.
  • 50 NEW Jaw Yoga sequences and how to teach them 1:1 and in group settings.
  • The correct resting position of the tongue, the jaw and the lips.
  • Guiding from mouth breathing to the healthy nose breathing.
  • How to create and speak unique jaw meditations.
  • 15 easy and highly effective mind exercises to reduce stress and jaw-stress.
  • Effective Jaw Yoga BRAIN trainings to improve coordination, function and stress recilience.
  • A gentle facial reflexology treatment that deeply relaxes your jaw and releases blockages.
  • How to detect and reduce bad habits that sustain jaw stress.
  • Last but not least: How to discover your own inner smile :) 

Jaw Yoga Instructor Intensive Course

  • 5 modules weekly online meeting in small groups (recordings available)
  • E-learning (videos and handouts)
  • 1:1 online sessions
  • 3-week training programme via the Kieferfreund app
  • Jaw Yoga class handouts (over 100 pages scientifically based and unique knowledge)
  • Premium support and community
  • 1x Kieferfreund Premium Package
  • Jaw Yoga Instructor CERTIFICATE (optional)


Our method has been used in therapeutic settings for years and has brought incredible results.

Here is a quote from one of our happy UK customers:


'Great product! I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it has worked wonders! In combination with the app, after a week my jaw pain was significantly reduced and after 2 weeks, no jaw pain and I stopped grinding my teeth. If you suffer from teeth grinding and jaw pain, I highly recommend kieferfreund!' (Lucie)


What’s included?


Module 1: Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the jaw and its connections to the entire body. Metaphysical background.


Module 2: Jaw Yoga BODY: More than 60 exercises for the jaw, tongue, face, eyes and hands. Learning the right tongue position.


Module 3: Jaw Yoga MIND: A unique mind and consciousness training for handling stress and emotions effectively and balancing the throat chakra to improve your self-expression and intuition.


Module 4: Jaw Yoga BRAIN: a brain training for developing so-called ‘stress intelligence’


Module 5: Jaw MEDITATION: learn how to create and speak effective meditations that relax the jaw and support your clients in understanding the causes of their jaw tensions.



Here you can watch the introduction video and get an insight into our e-learning. Of course there is also a detailed script with over 100 pages! You can access the videos from any device via our kieferfreund app and are thus free to organize your time! Enjoy!




Upcoming Online Course in 2023:


7th October 2023 - 9th December 2023


10 Saturdays, 5pm - 6:30pm (UK-Time, MEZ) / 9am - 10:30am (California Time)


Registration until 30th September 2023!



Your time investment:

Group Meetings (15 hours)

1:1 Sessions with Julia (2 hours)

E-learning  (50 hours)

App-Training (10 hours)

Exam (1 hour, optional)


Total: 78 hours



Costs: EUR 1.560,-


Let’s bring a smile into the world together! It is easy to integrate Jaw Yoga into your courses or workshops, thereby creatng a stress-free and valuable addition to your services.



Julia Reindl, M.A. (Austria) – Speech and Myofunctional Therapist, Mind Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Author

Felix Neubauer, Bsc. (UK) – Mindfulness & MeditationTrainer



You are interested in our online course? Any questions or want to know more about it? Register for our free Q&A via Zoom:



Saturday, 16th September 2023 / 6:00-7:00 PM (UK-Time) / 9:00-10:00 AM (California-Time)

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Jaw Yoga @ 'OM Yoga Show' in London 2018