Jaw Yoga Retreat

12. - 16. June 2024 in Murcia (Spain)

Discover the lightness of being and free your body from tension at the Jaw Yoga retreat. Amidst the picturesque landscape of Murcia, Spain, you can free yourself from stress and tension and regain your zest for life. Our holistic approach combines targeted jaw-loosening exercises with gentle full-body movements and creative exercises to bring you back into balance. Leave the stresses of everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the flow of life! Our experienced trainers and movement coaches will support you on this path to greater lightness and joy. Gift yourself to some time out and take care of your smile. Welcome to the Jaw Yoga Retreat!



Why relax the jaw?

If you feel like you often have to bite your way through things, you feel stressed or stuck in everyday challenges, and you are plagued by neck and shoulder tension or a heavy head, then your jaw is the key to more ease. Stress, frustration and excessive demands settle right here in the jaw and this tension radiates throughout the entire body. Worrying, brooding and not being able to let go are an expression of a blockage in the jaw system.

What you will experience?

  • Lightness in a flexible, liberated body!
  • Relaxed face and a youthful appearance!
  • Joy and enthusiasm in everyday life!
  • Awareness of yourself and your body!
  • Discover the connection between your jaw, body, mind and emotions!
  • Connection to your inner voice!
  • Communicate your needs joyfully!
  • Living in the flow instead of biting through life!
  • Finding the right bite for the things that are really important to you!


  • Jaw Yoga on the beach
  • Gentle, natural movement classes every day (Movement Connection Flow)
  • Creative exercises that are fun and encourage your creative potential
  • Mental exercises to reduce stress, which you can simply continue to use after the retreat
  • Sound concert to relax all your senses
  • A calm atmosphere that invites you to relax
  • Good food and get-togethers with conscious and passionate people
  • Time for yourself!

There is also the possibility to book massages and individual coaching sessions


Work with experts:

JULIA REINDL is the founder of Jaw Yoga. She lectures at the university in Austria (Europe) for over 10 years and has been working for over 15 years in the therapy of teeth grinding, TMD, snoring and other jaw-stress related problems. Having personally overcome various jaw issues in the past, she possesses a profound understanding of the challenges associated with them. Her personal healing journey fuels her enthusiasm for guiding others towards self-responsible jaw health. Through her own experiences, she is dedicated to empowering individuals on their path to optimal jaw well-being.


MESTRE XUXO is movement artist, Capoeira master, and rapper from Brazil. From the tender age of 2, he has passionately trained in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, under the guidance of his father. Having traveled to 144 countries, he shares his unique art form, Movement Connection Flow, while immersing himself in diverse cultures worldwide. Mestre Xuxo brings a wealth of experience to guide you in body movements, promoting stress relief, cultivating a healthy posture, and alleviating blockages that may affect the jaw negatively.


REGINA MITTENDORFER is an Intuitive Painting Artist and coach devoted to capturing people's essence on canvas. As the founder of Flowpainting, she instructs on translating the participants' potential onto the canvas, interpreting it. Each participant will have this artwork as a personal anchor at home, serving as a reminder of their potential and jaw health.


12. - 16. June 2024


Begin: 12/6/2024 5:30pm 

End: 16/6/2024 1:00 pm


Retreat Center in Murcia (Spain)

30397 San Isidro-La Magdalena



Airport Alicante (tranfer can be organised by us)


Your investment: EUR 1.500,-

Inclusive of accomodation, full board, instructional materials.

Exclusive of airport transfers, private expenses and flights.


Early Bird: EUR 1.250,- until 04/30/2024

Last Minute (from June 1st 2024): EUR 1.900,-



8 spots available!


Take care of your smile! Enjoy Yourself! Movement is Life! Colour your Mind!

After your registration, we'll schedule a brief Zoom meeting to connect, get to know each other, and address any details. We are looking foraward to have an amazing time with you!


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Jaw Yoga @ 'OM Yoga Show' in London 2018

Let’s bring a smile into the world together! It is easy to integrate Jaw Yoga into your courses or workshops, thereby creating a stress-free and valuable addition to your services.