Jaw Yoga Instructor

Certification in Spain

12.-16. June 2024

Empower yourself to help others achieve a balanced and relaxed jaw. Join us in transforming jaw health, a crucial profession in the face of the growing number of individuals experiencing jaw issues. Become a Jaw Yoga instructor and learn directly from the founders! In June, we're heading to Murcia, Spain, where we'll be conducting Jaw Yoga Instructor training at a beautiful retreat center. With only 8 spots available, rest assured of personalized attention for each participant. Join us for amazing days and perhaps treat yourself to some vacation after certification in the beautiful Murcia!

Together, let's make a positive impact and bring the freedom of a relaxed jaw to more lives.

Highlights of the method:

  •  Holistic approach
  • Clearly structured training program
  • Sustainable results through root cause elimination instead of superficial symptom control
  • Over 15 years of experience with over 10,000 treatments
  • Practice-evident method 95% success rate for jaw muscle tension 

Work with experts:

JULIA REINDL is the founder of Jaw Yoga. She lectures at the university in Austria (Europe) for over 10 years and has been working for over 15 years in the therapy of teeth grinding, TMD, snoring and other jaw-stress related problems. Having personally overcome various jaw issues in the past, she possesses a profound understanding of the challenges associated with them. Her personal healing journey fuels her enthusiasm for guiding others towards self-responsible jaw health. Through her own experiences, she is dedicated to empowering individuals on their path to optimal jaw well-being.


MESTRE XUXO is movement artist, Capoeira master, and rapper from Brazil. From the tender age of 2, he has passionately trained in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, under the guidance of his father. Having traveled to 144 countries, he shares his unique art form, Movement Connection Flow, while immersing himself in diverse cultures worldwide. Mestre Xuxo brings a wealth of experience to guide you in body movements, promoting stress relief, cultivating a healthy posture, and alleviating blockages that may affect the jaw negatively.


REGINA MITTENDORFER is an Intuitive Painting Artist and coach devoted to capturing people's essence on canvas. As the founder of Flowpainting, she instructs on translating the participants' professional vision onto the canvas, interpreting it. Each Jaw Yoga Instructor will have this artwork as a personal anchor, serving as a reminder of their vision and facilitating success and happiness in the Jaw Yoga business.

"I participated in the Jaw Yoga Program in 2022. Having been affected by tension due to asymmetry in the jaw area for some time now, the training courses were a real enrichment for me and, thanks to the holistic and sustainable approach, a therapy method that I can apply very well with my clients!"


Rebecca Meyer, Speech Therapist & Jaw Yoga Instructor (Austria)


  • A holistic concept for sustainable jaw relaxation and prevention of jaw stress.
  • 50 Jaw Yoga sequences to balance the jaw system.
  • The natural, healthy resting position of the tongue, the jaw and the lips.
  • Changing from mouth breathing to the healthy nose breathing.
  • Body movements (Movement Connection Method) to support jaw-health.
  • Easy and highly effective mind exercises to reduce stress and jaw-stress.
  • Effective Jaw Yoga BRAIN trainings to improve coordination, function and stress recilience.
  • A gentle facial reflexology treatment (Jaw Yoga Balance) that deeply relaxes your jaw and releases blockages.
  • How to detect and reduce bad habits that sustain jaw stress.
  • Bring your vision, strength and mission on canvas to start your successful Jaw Yoga Business.
  • Get support for business development.
  • Last but not least: How to discover your own inner smile :) 

5-days Certification in Spain

  • 2x group calls via Zoom (before and after certification course)
  • 1x 1:1 online session with Julia (before certification course)
  • 3-weeks training program via the Kieferfreund app
  • Jaw Yoga handouts (over 100 pages scientifically based and unique knowledge)
  • E-learning platform
  • Premium support and community
  • 5% discount on 1x Kieferfreund Premium Package (obligatory to join the program)


Our method has been used in therapeutic settings for years and has brought incredible results.

Here is a quote from one of our happy UK customers:


'Great product! I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it has worked wonders! In combination with the app, after a week my jaw pain was significantly reduced and after 2 weeks, no jaw pain and I stopped grinding my teeth. If you suffer from teeth grinding and jaw pain, I highly recommend kieferfreund!' (Lucie)


12. - 16. June 2024


Retreat Center in Murcia (Spain)

30397 San Isidro-La Magdalena



Airport Alicante (tranfer can be organised by us)


Your investment: EUR 2.111,-

Inclusive of accomodation, full board, instructional materials, and examination fees.

Exclusive of airport transfers, private expenses and flights.


Early Bird Offer (ends on March 31st 2024) : EUR 1.911,-


Last Minute (from June 1st 2024): EUR 2.511,-


9 Spaces available!


After your registration, we'll schedule a brief Zoom meeting to connect, get to know each other, and address any details. We are looking foraward to work with you!


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Here you can watch the introduction video and get an insight into our e-learning. Of course there is also a detailed script with over 100 pages! You can access the videos from any device via our Kieferfreund app and are thus free to organize your time! Enjoy!


Jaw Yoga @ 'OM Yoga Show' in London 2018

Let’s bring a smile into the world together! It is easy to integrate Jaw Yoga into your courses or workshops, thereby creating a stress-free and valuable addition to your services.